Some people are slow learners. It took me half a lifetime to discover that the one thing I was supposed to be doing was writing.

My new novel, A Diamond in the Sky came out in August 2011 with Honno. My first novel, Work For Four Hands, came out in 2005 with Starborn Books. Short stories appear in three anthologies published by Oxpens, a publishing venture set up by a group of Oxford-based writers. The Sixpenny Debt and other Oxford Stories, The Lost College and other Oxford Stories, and The Bodleian Murders and other Oxford Stories are all set in and around Oxford. I've also had poems published in the small poetry magazines.

I'm a member of the Oxford Writers' Group and Writers in Oxford. The Society of Civil and Public Service Writers, of which I'm also a member, chose me as Writer of the Year 2006. About me tells you more about me and my writing.

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