A Diamond in the Sky

A Diamond in the Sky - book cover

'A rich and imaginative work with a powerful story'

Jane Jakeman

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Capella in the constellation Auriga is the bright star close to the zenith in winter.

'There are other stars as bright or brighter,' says Tom Ross to Dora Clayton,'and there are plenty of stars much farther away. But what makes Capella special... it's that in the depths of winter, when you've all but lost hope of spring ever coming, you look up and there she is.'

But some nights it's hard to see the stars. There's nothing other-worldly about this story of four people brought together by their problems – some of their own making, and others dumped on them.

How little it took to amuse a baby. She turned aside and carried on sorting through the jumpsuits... Pity about the orange one. She should have asked for it back, she really should. Too late now... She lifted the midnight blue tin out of the cot and held it up. A stuck-on J made out of silver stars came into view as she turned it slowly around, then an O. Other stars shone in the background, a coloured universe of them... She kissed the tin, put it back in the cot, and tiptoed out.

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