Reviews of A Diamond in the Sky

'Leaves the reader thinking about the characters and issues raised long after the book has been finished ... a wonderful book ...' Joan Wilkinson, National Unitarian Fellowship

'A beautifully written book, with touches of Welsh magic and Oxford Gothic.' Jane Jakeman

'Pelling has an enviable knack for catching the cadences and inconsequentiality of everyday speech.' Chris Sladen, Oxford Magazine

'Very readable. I wanted to sit and have a coffee and a blueberry muffin in a cafe somewhere with Dora, that's how much I liked her ... Recommended.'

'Margaret Pelling writes so well, as readers of her 'Work for Four Hands' will know, and this book is no exception ... she loves to tangle strands together and continually intrigues and surprises us with the result.' Oxford Writer

'... a well-told tale of the 21st century ... the reader becomes genuinely interested in the main four characters and will be impatient to discover their ultimate fate ... written in a racy style and is a page-turner.' LBB, London

'... a gem of a book, beautifully written. The author's sure touch relieves the characters' almost unbearable heartbreak without sacrificing their dignity, or the readers' credibility. I ended the book with a solid comfortable feeling about what really matters in life.' FBT, Logan, Utah