Music in Work for Four Hands

A musical thread runs through Work For Four Hands, as the title suggests. The story takes the form of a duet between the two voices of Alison Buxton and her cousin Benedict Vern, with the sound of the piano never far away. Benedict says little but communicates much – through music, rather than with words.

I've been asked for Benedict's playlist a number of times, and so here it is:

First and foremost is a Debussy prélude which, in a way, is a theme tune for the entire book. It's La fille aux cheveux de lin, number 8 from the Premier Livre.

Other composers are important too:
Six Concert Études, Op.28, particularly numbers 3 and 4
Sonata number 2 in G sharp minor; Études
Préludes Op.23, nos.5 and 2
Préludes (number 4 in particular); Nocturnes; Scherzos; Mazurkas
Allegro Barbaro
Lieder ohne Worte, Caprice in A Minor, Perpetuum Mobile in C
B minor sonata and Jeux d'Eaux à la Villa d'Este
Musica Ricercata

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