Reviews of Work for Four Hands

'A wonderful, cleverly written novel.' New Books Magazine

'...clever use of musical motifs... patterns of significance beneath the narrative so that the solution, when it comes, feels right... good ear for dialogue... enviable command of pace...' The Inquirer

'Although this book is Margaret Pelling's first novel… insights demonstrate it to be the work of a mature writer... an in-depth piecing together of trauma… played out through themed fragments of piano music...' National Unitarian Fellowship Newsletter

'The most original book I've read this year… if like me you've spent years waiting for another book like Vikram Seth's AN EQUAL MUSIC, this might fit the bill.' LG, Isle of Skye

'I couldn't put this down… Excellent, moving writing.' J G-C, Oxford

'One of the best reads I have had for a long time, finely crafted with gritty dialogue. I hope we shall see more from Margaret Pelling.' JA, Oxfordshire

'Inner conversations [which the characters have with themselves] used so effectively, intermingling with their actual dialogue.' EC, Oxford

'An intelligent and compelling read… kept me from doing things I should have been doing.' BS, West Wales

'The situation is a strange one, but Margaret Pelling writes so well that you accept the unusual premises.' PS, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

'A very unsentimental observer of the human condition.' CD, Bard College, New York State

'I was so drawn in that I had to remind myself that I couldn't just jump up, shake these characters by the shoulders and make them see reason.' FT, Logan, Utah

'I carried it everywhere with me until I finished it.' BT, Lexington, Virginia

'An intense tale... remarkable perceptions.' AS, Houston, Texas

'A tour de force.' KT, London

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